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I might wear white tomorrow

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Happy Labor Day to all. I, personally, am never quite sure if I want to celebrate labor day or not. For me, labor day always brings with it a little confusion and disappointment. Don’t worry – I’m not still wallowing in my back-to-school depression. Okay, I am still wallowing in it, but I’m not writing about it today. The source of my confusion and disappointment is over what to wear. Traditionally, post labor day means it’s time to put those open-toed shoes and white pants away until after Easter Sunday…but is that really necessary?

I remember in an early draft of Not Quite a Bride (you’ve read it, right?), I had Molly wearing sandals to a New Year’s Eve party. To my New York-based agent, this was enough of a faux pas to warrant a note that read “nobody wears sandals after labor day” and Molly’s shoe description needed to be rewritten. Mea culpa! Here in Los Angeles, though, we have weeks – if not months – of post-labor day warm weather ahead of us and sandals still feel like a good choice. Perhaps to the fashionistas on the east coast, California girls are year-round, Birkenstock-wearing hippies, but I know plenty of stylish non-Birkenstock wearing girls who shun the sandal rule.

And what about wearing white? Well, for this I did a little research and “winter whites” in appropriate fabrics are completely acceptable. Apparently the white issue becomes about the fabric. I suppose my white linen pants will have to stay in the closet, but white jeans are okay. I can handle some compromise – although my linen pants are far more flattering than theĀ  jeans. And what about wearing sandals with the fabric appropriate white pants? Is that just offensive? Like wearing too many trends at the same time?

This really can be confusing!

For today, I will be wearing my white linen pants for their final showing of the season and definitely sandals since the forecast predicts a warm day…plus I have a cute hot pink pedicure that it feels wrong to cover up. Tomorrow will be officially “after labor day,” and it will be a decision I’ll have to make. At least with fall comes suede and with winter comes velvet to take my mind off the seasonally inappropriate items forced into hibernation somewhere in the back of my closet.