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I actually do work

Like so many moms, yesterday marked the official end of my summer. Even though the temperature was still over 100 degrees, Baby #1 and Baby #2 returned to school – first grade and second year of nursery school respectively. The day was bittersweet for me. On one hand – HOORAY! They’re out of my house…a much deserved break from the mess-making, arguing, and constant complaining that filled our summer. On the other hand – BOO HOO! They’re out of my house…no more schedule-free days spent on the slip n slide, saying up late, and just hanging out. The day also marked the official end of my self imposed, and practically Canadian maternity leave. Yes, with two kids at school at the same time and a third who is (thankfully) a good napper, it was time to get back to work.

So, I sat down in front of my computer and wrote a blog post comparing my maternity leave to Megyn Kelly’s with an odd tangent about my grammatical pet peeves, and some elementary school worthy gibberish about how I’d spent my summer vacation which included the words poopy and diaper. I read it over, preparing to post it and I realized something – IT SUCKED. It was embarrassingly bad. There was no way I could let anyone else read it.

I was super dejected. Had I lost my ability to write? Was my sleep deprivation so extreme that I could no longer follow a thought? With each child had I become dumber and Baby #3’s birth had pushed me over the edge? Possibly. My dejection didn’t improve later in the evening when Baby #1 asked where a friend’s mom was at pick up. I explained that his mom worked and his dad stayed home with him. I then overheard my children having a conversation about working parents. They were both in agreement that their dad works. Then Baby #2 said, “Mommy doesn’t work.” It hit me hard. Was he right? Was my career officially and completely over? Then, Baby #1 – shining, sparkling, beacon-of-hope Baby #1 said, “Mommy actually does work. She’s a writer.” AAAAAH!!! The clouds parted, sunshine streamed in and for a moment my world glowed.

With the renewed confidence that only a six year old can provide, I dropped everyone off this morning, came home and sat down in front of my computer again. This blog post might not be my most inspired, but at least I don’t vent my frustrations over misused quotes and apostrophes. Like the kids going back to school, I’m a combination of excitement and anxiety as I put the racket that was my maternity leave behind me and get back to writing because I actually do work.

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