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I admit it, I lost my temper today.

Before reading this post, please remember two things.
1. I really am a nice person, but…
2. I am a redhead and we have tempers.

Let’s begin, long ago when I used to fill my prescriptions at the local Market Pharmacy. Their hours were short, their lines were long and their prices were higher, but they always greeted me with a friendly smile, they knew my name and they remarked how fast my babies were growing up. Except for the short hours, long lines, and high prices, everything was perfect.

Then Hubby #1 convinced me that Insurance Company direct prescription filling was the way to go. I held out for a long time, but eventually caved in. There was no cheerful interpersonal communication, but I could get a three month supply for less money and it was delivered directly to my door. Convenience won out and, once again, everything was perfect…except for the slight nagging that I had somehow let the gang at Market Pharmacy down by abandoning them.

So, today when I called to refill my prescriptions and was surprised to learn that my Insurance Company had changed to a New Company pharmacy and I now needed to contact them. Okay, no problem…I was still able to do this from the comfort of home in my fuzzy pink slippers. I called New Company and they said that my prescription was out of refills and that I needed to call my doctor and have her call them. (I briefly flashed back to the days when Market Pharmacy would call for me.) Undaunted, I called my doctor’s office and was informed that she only accepts faxed prescription requests from pharmacies. Hmmm…I called New Company back but they insisted that they do not fax doctors’ offices – the doctor must fax them a request or the doctor must call them to request that a prescription request form be faxed to her that she can then fax back to New Company. Are you following? At this point, I barely was.
With my head starting to hurt, I called the number that New Company had told me to have my doctor’s office call. I figured I would just request the fax request fax myself (on the behalf of my no-phone-calling doctor). This plan did not work and I was now near my breaking point.

me: “Look,” I said to the unfortunate New Company Employee who happened to get my call, “I’m near my breaking point. I know none of this is your fault, so I’m sorry that I’m being mean to you, but…” and I rationally (I swear) explained the problem.
New Company Employee: “Sorry, our company policy is not to call doctors’ offices. I could fax the form to your personal fax?”
me: “What good would that do?”
She didn’t really have an answer.
me (again): “Isn’t it safer to fax a form to an actual doctor’s office than to a patient?”
Again, no real answer except to cite New Company policy.
Then I ran a scenario by her where I pretended to be from the doctor’s office. She said I couldn’t do this because a doctor’s office needed to provide certain information. I asked what the information was…maybe I had it? New Company Employee was starting to get uncomfortable and, once again, started spouting the stupid policy. We went back-and-forth…she was not budging and I wouldn’t have minded budging except that my doctor wouldn’t budge either. There I was between a rock and a hard place, and I snapped.

Me: “You know what? Fuck New Company. I’m getting my prescription filled by a real pharmacy!” CLICK.

Then, I called my good old Market Pharmacy. I felt a bit ashamed…like if you had to go back to your old hairdresser to fix the mess that a new hairdresser made. The truth came pouring out like a confession…I had been disloyal, I had left to try on the glitz and glamor – or at least convenience – of the Insurance Company direct pharmaceutical world. But, I explained, “they are total idiots, and I want to come back.” As always, Market Pharmacy was friendly and helpful. The nice employee at Market Pharmacy is going to fax my doctor today and this afternoon I will take my fuzzy pink slippers off to go pick up my prescription…and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Sure I’ll have to stress-out that I’m getting there before they close, sure I’ll have to wait in line, sure I’ll pay more, but when I finally get to the front of the line, assuming they are still open, I’ll be greeted with a smile.

2 Responses to “I admit it, I lost my temper today.”

  1. Miriam says:

    I know this pain…We switched insurance, but for some reason I thought our mail order was the same.

    i went through all this pain to have my dr fax in my new prescriptions to the old place – call them like 3x trying to figure out why i couldn’t seem to find my refills online, only to realize when they quoted me 600 to fill a prescription something was wrong. It was light bulb that oh, nothing is working right because I no longer have this insurance.

    So, plan B, can I have these transferred to the new place, they said “sure, no problem.” So it takes 3 calls to the new place to get set up, get everything transferred, then I only want 2 of the 3 prescriptions filled, I want the other to sit in reserve. Holy god, you would have think I asked them to perform surgery, I can’t tell you how many notices I received about the prescription that ‘wasn’t being filled.”

    It’s not the same as your pain, but it’s similar. I think everyone is just reading off a script.

  2. Stumbled upon this old post and its great, bookmarked, hope to read more from you in the near future

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