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I am not alone

Well, my friends…the plot thickens. As of this morning, I have received comments from five other bloggers who have also had the honor of MisterX45881’s registration. The blogs have nothing in common except the power of Wordpress under their engines. Hmmm…only time will tell if MrX is up to something. In the meantime, I have figured out how to block users from registering on my blog (and by that of course I mean that Hubby #1 has done it for me). I’ll keep you posted if MisterX shows up again. Thanks to the folks who let me know that I am not alone…and to my wonderful sister-in-law for taking a hint.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I just received a notice that registered on one of my Wordpress blogs! I did the same thing & Googled him (because I have an ex who stalks & wanted to see if it was him) & turned up your blog posting. I’m going to deny him, but . . . yikes.

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