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I went on a date

One of my favorite things to do when I’m on a date is to observe (and by observe, I more realistically mean stare at) other people on dates. Hubby #1 is kind enough to humor this little hobby of mine. After fourteen years together, he’s used to spending our Valentine’s Day dinners listening to me figure out where in their relationships our fellow diners are, and being shushed when I’m trying to hear what other lovebirds are talking about – in fact, I like to think that he has grown to love this little hobby as much as I do (well, maybe not quite that much). I am most fascinated by the people in new and uncomfortable relationships. I love watching girls take neat, tiny bites to avoid messing up their perfectly made up faces, and men being careful not to talk with their mouths full, each one delicately trying to find out if the person across from them is their future true love or arch enemy. I don’t completely limit myself to other daters though, I’m pretty fascinated by any group of people. In fact, it’s almost as much fun and sometimes a greater challenge to figure out the stories behind people who aren’t seated across from a possible love interest. For me, People Watching is almost as much fun as going to a movie.

Almost as much fun as a movie…going to the movies is actually my favorite date night because I can combine a number of my favorite things: movies (obviously), popcorn, dark chocolate M&Ms (which I have to smuggle in because concession stands don’t have the dark chocolate and I’m opposed to milk chocolate), and “observing” other people.

This Saturday we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine (which is awesome) at the Arclight Hollywood. If you’re not familiar with the Arclight, I’ll just say that it’s the best movie theater in the world because not only can you buy your tickets – and select your seats – from your home computer and avoid waiting in any lines, there is a bar. So, we arrived early and went upstairs to have a drink before the movie. I usually have my favorite Patron Margarita, but this week I was feeling springy and instead went for a very potent Lemon Meringue Martini. I was thrilled to get a table across from the bar with a sweeping view of the entire theater lobby…talk about the perfect spot for People Watching! There we sat, watching the incredible cross-section of people make their way into the theater and through the lobby to find their assigned screens. It was almost like an anthropology sabbatical as we observed the theater-goers in their quest for entertainment, sharing verbal notes with each other as we studied our subjects.

“Check out yellow track suit,” I pointed out a glow-in-the-dark find.
“He looks like a giant banana.”
“What’s that blue thing on his head?”
“Looks like a head condom,” Hubby #1 observed.

Of course these unique species were the most fascinating, but there were also a hordes of glamorous, impeccably dressed girls with handsome dates. Hubby #1 was far less interested in the gorgeous red patent leather purse I spied than he was by a guy who had cleverly morphed his extremely receded hairline into a wirey gray mohawk though. As we finished our drinks and headed for the concession stand, I joyfully watched the couples – some too shy to share a popcorn, some too uncomfortable to eat their desired hot-dog instead opting for something benign like Red Vines. Then we made our way to our own screen and settled into our seats, a large popcorn perched between us, I pulled the dark chocolate M&Ms from my purse and never stopped to wonder if anyone was watching us…

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