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My mother is not a fan of my blog.

I know what you’re thinking…How could anyone not like this blog? I don’t know what to say…it is what it is. In fairness, she’s not such a big fan of my books either.

I think she found my first book, Not Quite a Bride (available on Amazon, just in case you don’t already have it) acceptable. She read it (I’m pretty sure she read it) and she didn’t have anything bad to say about it. Things went downhill with Not Quite a Mom. Her first comment to me was that she was about shocked at how much sex there was. I’m going to assume that you’ve all read it (but if not, Amazon), and therefore know that the book has far less sex that most in its genre. I pointed this out to her and then I brushed off her horror that one of her friends might read it and think less of me. I have already told her that when Book #3 is published that she should probably skip it. I remember reading an interview with Kristin Davis when she was doing Sex and the City where she explained that each week should would call her family and tell them if they should watch the show or not. It seemed like a very smart plan to me. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Knowing that dear Mom isn’t a fan of my writing, I didn’t mention to her that I had started blogging. Then yesterday I got the following e-mail:

Hi Sweetie:
My day has been interesting and even had a few surprises. For example, I always thought your shower was a tight fit for one person and today I learned that both you and Hubby #1 manage to shower at the same time. I am definitely not going to envision this, but I can’t say the same for Friend of Mine #1*, FoM #2, FoM#3, your children’s friend’s parents, strangers, etc. And by the way, I know who Hubby #1 is, but how many others are there and will I be meeting them?
Hope you are having a good day. Talk with you later.
Love, Mom

*Names have been changed to protect my relationship with my mother…I think she can only take so much from me.

Apparently she had discovered the blog. Oops. I’ll admit, my first reaction was a little like a high schooler getting caught having sex on the family room couch (which never happened to me…my mother would literally have died of a heart attack and would never have even gotten to enjoy – or dislike – my fabulous writing) – I was a little embarrassed. I wrote back a short e-mail basically saying, that I hadn’t invited her to read my blog because I didn’t think she would like it and that I was sorry. A few hours later, I realized that I wasn’t sorry…I’d done nothing wrong. As always, I think of the perfect retort way after the fact, and I wished that I could change my answer to: Not only will you not be meeting Hubby #2, sometimes I’m sorry I ever introduced you to Hubby #1. I know, too mean…good thing I’m not a quick retort thinker.

Instead, I decided to share her discomfort with the world – or at least the fraction of the world that reads my blog – and hope that she is able to keep her sense of humor (because she actually has a really good one) and that she is grateful to learn that while my husband might think about getting in the shower with me once in a while (which if she’d read carefully she would know that he doesn’t actually do) she’ll know that at least I never had sex on the family room couch.

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